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LED Dance Floor Sales Scotland.

LED Dance Floors are currently the hottest feature at weddings these days and are great money makers..

We sell LED Dance Floors. We can provide you with black acrylic dance floors (easier cleaning) or white acrylic LED Dance floors. Lead time is approximately 8 weeks from when you place your order and pay 50 % deposit.

They are manufactured to what ever size you require and are installed and tested by us. All of our Dance Floors are manufactured to high specifations.

They do not split apart and all come with RGB and White LED lights as standard.

We can provide you with leasing options if you do not wish to purchase. If you are a venue owner or manager please contact us to see how we can make money together.

If you are interested in purchasing an LED Dance floor please send us an email from your Company/Venue email account.. We will provide you with our manufacturer specifiation sheet, cost, and lead time and installation procedures.

LED or Starlight Dance Floors are without doubt the hottest new product in the wedding and entertainments business just now. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to purchase a brand new shiny LED Dance floor for your venue or function suite.

Leasing. we can provide you with a leasing offer if you do not want to purchase outright. Please contact Us for more information. Leasing is based on a 24 month contract as standard.

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Dance Floor Sales.

Dance floor sales Scotland : Aberdeen, Dundee, Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dumfries, Inverness, Lanark.