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Mood Lighting for Events, Weddings & Parties for hire.

LED Mood Lighting is one of the biggest opportunities to subtly but effectively influence the ambience of your party wedding or event. When thoughtfully placed, lighting can elicit a wide range of responses, helping to bling up a party or to place emphasis on a feature in a venue.

There are many options for lighting: LED lights, lamps, backdrop lights and accent lights. You can literally set the scene for any type of mood and make your venue sparkle like never before.

Typically most people don’t like to sit in bright, direct light. Drop Dead Gorgeous recommend focusing our up lighters on walls and points of interest. They are great for lighting up a piece of artwork, pillar or alcove in a venue.

LED up lighters are most effective when they are not overdone. Warm colours like red and orange will increase the cheeriness and warmth of a room, and a red light on a red wall will intensify its effect.

Mood Lighting the entrance of your venue provides a fantastic opportunity to welcome guests and set the tone for the party.

Top Tip ! People are naturally attracted to illuminated areas. Our starlight dance floors are total magnets for party goers and weddings guests. Combine them with strategically placed mood light and you can be certain that your event will be a great success and have people talking about for years to come..

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Wedding Packages.

We Drop Dead Gorgeous can provide you with unrivalled wedding packages in West Lothian. Great value wedding services and packages tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us and see how much you could save by booking a wedding venue styling package through Drop Dead Gorgeous.